Why Disc Golf Is Better Than Regular Golf!


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Disc golf is fast becoming popular amongst the youth and old alike, especially in big gold markets such as the United States. Every year one can witness thousands of new entrants to the sport, some serious while others enjoying the advantages it offers over regular golf. The sport has entered the spotlight of the media as one can browse for highlights of its most popular matches even on ESPN. Disc gold differs from the regular golf as it involves spinning a ‘frisbee’ to a hole instead of the traditional method of striking a golf ball to a hole.

  • One factor which makes disc gold stand out from golf is the prices associated with it. The equipment of golf, namely, the golf clubs cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. On the other hand the average price of the disc used in disc gold is merely $20. Just at the price of a regular golf club and a ball, a disc golfer can buy his / her entire equipment! Also, the regular golf can only be played at golf courses as they require holes, but the disc golf can be played as a recreational and professional sport even in public places such as a park.
  • Regular golf courses have strict rules and etiquette while disc golf more modern in nature, do not restrict its players to specific types of clothes and slacks. It is in fact recommended to wear clothing that is most comfortable for the player. Also, drinking on the field is allowed as far as the general discipline is preserved.
  • Disc golf is easy to undertake since all it requires is just a disc. On the other hand, golf can be frustrating because even the most enthusiast people need a proper golf course to get going. Disc golf can be played by all age groups from young kids to the old alike. The sport also takes just a little amount to practice and master.
  • If you are thinking about variety, disc golf is better than regular golf in this aspect too. The trajectory of each disc differs from the material it is made of and its size. Also, the angle in which it is thrown becomes significant. This means that the sport has a lot of potential to be technically analyzed as well.

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