What Are The Best Diets For Runners?


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It’s the practice and dedication that makes one a good sportsman, and that’s very true. But with that you need a really well researched, well controlled, and highly regulated diet too. A sportsman’s diet is not a normal regular diet. It has to be the best to bring out the best in you. That’s why the best diets for runners contain ingredients which make a runner perform with super like powers.

The best food items for runners’ diet

  • Bananas are fortified with potassium and one of the richest natural sources of potassium too which doesn’t add any fat to your body. They are rich in fiber too and stay in the stomach for long, and slowly release energy in your system. That is why they form a very good pre-workout snack. Runners sweat a lot during practice, and the loss of valuable minerals during sweating is high. A banana loaded with many more mineral like magnesium, sodium, and chloride is a solid energy booster and nutritious food that form part of the best diets for runners.
  • Oats are a very good part of a runner’s diet. That’s because they also are designed to input good amount of fiber and carbohydrate in the body without spiking up the blood sugar instantly after having meal. Rather oats release the sugars slowly in the blood thereby supplying energy for a long time. Also oats get digested slowly thereby giving the tummy a feeling of fullness over a longer period, and reduces food cravings.
  • Yoghurt forms a vital part of the best diets for runners. That’s because with an 85% biological value, plain yoghurt contains all those important amino acids for protein synthesis, muscle repair, and growth, which the human body does not produce on its own. Yoghurt supplies those protein building blocks, and helps in the healing of damaged tissues after running practice and workouts.
  • Coffee is a great energy booster for runners. Runners have to go through HIIT training, also called High intensity interval training. And for that a spike in energy is needed which is provided by coffee. Coffee itself is a low calorie beverage, and when runners include black coffee as one of the best diets for runners in their menu, then they can get a daily dose of energy and mood boost from it.
  • Potatoes in regulated quantities are an essential part of a runner’s diet. In fact it’s deemed as one of the best diets for runners. That’s because, potato offers a boost in immune system, supplies Vitamin A in ample, has lower calories than same amount of rice, strengthens bones and improves vision.

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