Tips for Beginners To Disc Golf


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Have you just found the game of disc golf? In the following post I’m going to highlight a few great tips for beginners to get started and get enjoying this fun game! Just be warned this game is highly addicted – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Get to Know your Frisbee/Disc

Practice, practice and practice some more. Be sure to try as many different throwing techniques as well as different frisbees. As a complete beginner there are basically two types of discs – under stable and over stable. Over stable discs are difficult to make fly straight. Under stable discs are designed to turn left if you are a left handed backhand thrower – at the start of the throw, because of this they are easy to throw fast and straight.

Begin with a Slow Disc

Like everything start slow while you build your skill and confidence. If you can throw straight down the fairway then you are well above the other players. I recommend looking for a disc that has a speed rating at a maximum of 7, anything under this will be good.

With a speed rating of 7 or under you can get distance and solid control.

Do What Feels Right

So if you read all that and scoffed because you have great distance and control then stick with that! Just choose the disc that works the best for you.

Practice your Short Game

There is a great satisfaction with a long, straight throw and sure that is a great way to build your confidence going into the game.

I personally thing the short game and putting is the more critical because this is where you begin to add on stroke after stroke.

Putting with your favorite is a great way to improve your game without even realizing it. if you can master the putt you will be lowering that stroke score significantly!

Disc Release

When you release the disc you really want to focus on it being flat and low. Many new players will try to swoop the arm in an arc, coming in low and releasing upward. If you follow this trajectory, it is easy to see where the disc is going to go – up and that’s about it. So as best as you can, remember to release when flat and stay low!

I always recommend a few warm up swings to relax and loosen up the muscles before diving into it!

Ask For Help!

There’s no such thing as a dumb question so ask away! If you are unsure then pick the brains of the person who has taken you out. There is always something to learn from a question so don’t hesitate to ask!

Most Importantly -Have Fun!

Regardless of how you play and regardless of the score as long as you have fun then that’s the most important part! If you start to lose your cool or are getting frustrated then it kind of defeats the purpose of being outside and trying it out. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself and enjoy the nature of the park you are playing in.

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