Three important tips for running long distance


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Running for long distances has been proven to be lonely as well as tiresome. It does not only physical energy but also mental which is why an individual will require as many tips for running long distances as they can get. Preparing for a long run is an essential irrespective of whether it is a marathon or several kilometers. The preparation for a long run will assist the runner in increasing their endurance to aerobics and stamina which will be the essential elements needed to withstand long distances at a high speed.

Begin with the Mind

The preparation for a long run starts with an individual’s mental state. Anxiety before a long run or during the long run training is okay since you have never done such a thing before. Mental preparation for the exact distance that will be covered is an essential tip for running long distance as makes it easier during the running process. Make a mental picture of yourself covering the distance and you will definitely accomplish it. Believing in yourself and that you have trained appropriately. Having a positive attitude will keep an individual going even when the going gets tougher. Lacking faith in oneself and being negative minded will make it harder to keep up and eventually an individual will end up giving up.

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Focus on Hydration & Nutrition

Food is the energy used to fuel the body so it is essential to provide the body with all the needed nutrients prior to getting into a long run. The amount of food needed will be determined by several factors such as the distance covered, an individual’s body size and the duration of time taken in the run. What you eat needs to feel comfortable once it gets into the stomach so it important to figure out which carbs work for you. A good example of carbs that are ideal before a long run is oatmeal. If during the practice you realize you do not finish strong you might consider increasing the food portions prior to the run. Staying nourished and hydrated is one good tip for running long distance which should be part and puzzle of every race day or training day.

Pace Yourself

Setting a pace for you is essential as this should be how you start as well as finish the run. Long runs are not more about sprinting but rather more about putting some effort an managing to cover the entire distance. To kick off you should start with a pace slower than your intended one by about 90 seconds or a minute slower. The one tip for running long distance is that should be keenly put in mind is that being over trained is not good as it might mean all the energy and effort was spent training hence get lax during the run so it is better to be a little bit undertrained.

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