Origins of Disc Golf


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To gain a greater appreciation for sports I like to look into the origins and early history. The game was invented in the early 1900’s but was a bit different to the sport today. In Canada back in the 1920’s the first came was played using tin lids and throwing them into large, hand drawn circles on the school field. After school it seemed to disappear so it wasn’t until the 1970’s that it picked back up again following a Frisbee championship in Toronto.

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I’m sure there have been many variations over the years and many different combinations of the sport. There are reports that people used to aim at trees, trash cans, gazebos, waterfalls, just about anything that resembles half of a target.

Pioneers of Disc Golf

It is said that the two first coordinators of the sport were George Sappenfield and Kevin Donnelly who managed to spread the sport within their Californian cities. Upon becoming a recreation leader in the 1960’s he introducted Frisbee golf tournaments at 9 of the cities playgrounds in Newport. This turned into a full documented and sponsored event that was highly publicised and become a sport!

In 1968, Sappenfield was a recreation supervisor at Conejo Recreation park in Thousand Oaks California and planned a disc golf tournament again it was sponsored and highly publicised adding to the popularity of the sport.

Becoming the Modern Game of Disc Golf

A guy named Ed Headrick and Dave Dunipace more or less changed the sport to the game we know and play now. They changed the targets to chains and a basket and the golf disc was modernised not long after. The change means discs now have a bevelled rim which gave them even greated distance and accuracy.

In1976, Headrick formed the DGA, then later the PDGA and the RDGA and set the rules for the sport.

What you need to Play Disc Golf

Essentially you just need a Frisbee, probably a good pair of walking shoes, a bag to carry everything in and an open mind, willing to learn! There are so many different discs on the market so if you are a beginner try not to feel too overwhelmed. Asking at your local sports store is always a good way to ensure you are getting a good disc that will assist with learning and playing the sport. Whether you are competitive or not will change how you feel about the equipment you use I’m sure!

Where to Buy Disc Golf Accessories

The only place I trust is Golf Accessories Reviews, it is a standard golf website but they sell golf accessories which aren’t only limited to golf. Many of the accessories can be used with disc golf. Such as – a good pair of shoes, a glove, an umbrella for protection from the elements and bags to carry everything in. They have really good quality reviews which helped me immensely when making my choices.

I hope you enjoyed my somewhat brief post into the origins of disc golf!! If you have any cool or fun stories to share such as the throwing of tin lids then please leave a comment below.

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