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Welcome to my blog! As you have probably gathered from the name of my blog that I am based in California and am absolutely mad about disc golf! Disclaimer: I’m also mad about standard golf, weight training, kayaking, camping, photography, scuba diving and the list goes on and on and on. I will primarily focus my first few posts on disc golf but I must say that eventually my other passions are going to get blogged about here! Anyone else in the same boat? I just love being outside and amongst nature, it makes me deliriously happy. It may seem a bit strange but I actually use my golf push cart sometimes around the park, they are just so easy to use and carry everything that I thought hey why not try it! I bought mine after reading Daniels post about them on Golf Accessories Reviews which was very detailed and helped immensely!

Quick Disc Golf Introduction

So disc golf is played in a very similar way to traditional golf. In the sense that you tee off and try to get it to the hole at the end of the fairway with the least about of strokes. Well if we take out the golf equipment, no clubs, no bags and no carts and replace it with a flying disc or Frisbee then there you have it. You tee off and take your initial throw and try to get it down the fairway and into the hole which are generally raised metal nets. You might have even seen them in your local park and wondered what on Earth they are used for. Well perhaps it’s a sign you should go and get yourself a flying disc! As they courses are all in natural and public parks there are a fair share of obstacles similar to those found on a traditional golf course. Trees, shrubs, ponds, waterfalls etc etc. If you are looking for a course near you the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) have listed all the disc golf courses worldwide so head over there and take a look.


Let’s take a quick look at the rules involved with disc golf. I will delve into these a bit deeper in another post but for now let’s cover the basics. Apply the courtesy of traditional golf, minimize distractions, turn off your phone etc.

  • Don’t throw your disc until the other players has landed.
  • Scoring is the same as ball golf, each throw = 1 stroke. There are also penalties.
  • Add the total strokes of each hole and tally them up at the end.
  • Tee off in order by flipping your discs to decide who begins. Printed side of the disc is heads and odds should go first.
  • Tee off on subsequent holes begins with the lowest scoring player of the previous hole.
  • A marker disc is used to mark each throw and should be a specific disc. This means after your disc lands replace it with the marker disc to ensure you throw from the right position.
  • Following through – stepping over the disc position is allowed on any throw ASIDE from when putting or within 10meters of the hole.
  • Falling forward from a putt is a penalty and not allowed.
  • If the disc is stuck in a tree or more than 2meters above the ground the marker disc is placed below the disc and you can get it down. This incurs an extra stroke. Try not to damage the natural landscape.

Where to buy Disc Golf Accessories

For me I always use Golf Accessories Reviews for all my golf needs! They have brilliant reviews and thorough posts of just about anything you could need to start and improve your game! This is a golf website but the products the review are also relevant for disc golf too. Head over and check them out.

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