Clear Instructions of How to Play Disc Golf to Have Fun


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Disc golf is a popular game that has lots of similarities with the real golf game, except for the equipments used in this game. While the traditional golf is played with a golf ball and a club for hitting it; the disc golf is simply played with a Frisbee or a disc. Though golf is a game that is played for centuries, disc golf is invented only a few decades back and gained immense fame due to its simplicity and low cost involved in this game.

Steps followed for playing a game of disc golf

Buy the most suitable disc – Unlike the usual golf, the disc golf does not require any costly game kit. The player only needs to buy a disc from any reputed store that sells sports goods.  A beginner of this game should choose a slow driver disc that has sharp edges to pass easily through the air when thrown in a direction. However, the experienced players may choose a mid range disc with thicker edges for flying straight forward. The disc should be preferably light in weight for the beginners and around 150 gm of weight is generally found perfect for them.

Mark the disc with name and contact no. – When a disc is thrown to a great distance, it may likely get lost or may be displaced out of the course while playing. So it is better to write the name and contact details with a marker pen on the back of the disc, so that anyone else may be able to return it to the owner.

Get a suitable golf course – Like normal golf, the disc golf is also played in open fields and thus, the public gardens are often provided with this facility. So it is better to surf online and find the nearest disc golf course that has numbers of holes and a course map to know about their locations; while abiding by the rules imposed by the park authority for playing there.

Get a perfect grip on the disc – The player should take care to have the correct grip over the disc while throwing it, as per his convenience. Most of the people prefer to put two or four fingers on the backside and press the front with the thumb for getting a strong grip on the disc.

Style of throwing the disc – The player may throw the disc to the target while keeping the back of his palm towards the direction of the target. However, some players also keep the inner surface of the palm towards the target as well, as per his convenience.

After throwing the disc once, it should be found out for throwing next time and it continues till the player enjoys the game.

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